Bruce Sherman on the Miami Marlins offseason

Miami Marlins owner Bruce Sherman spoke with the Miami Herald’s Barry Jackson about the team. It’s an interesting interview and revealed a lot about what the owner is thinking. It’s also good to look at later based on how this upcoming offseason goes. Bruce Sherman’s ownership will be evaluated during this upcoming offseason. This means that it won’t be long before we’ll know how truthful his comments really are. For now though let’s see what he said and what we can take away from his comments.

Bruce Sherman said some interesting things about the Miami Marlins.

Here’s what Bruce Sherman said about last offseason:

“This past offseason, the front office took several key steps to construct a competitive playoff-caliber team. We were not as good as we thought we’d be. Now, we have to look in the mirror to understand what went wrong, what needs to improve and what we need to do this offseason to get back to the playoffs in 2023.”

Bruce Sherman is right, we should’ve been a lot better. That still doesn’t excuse the lack of bringing a superstar bat. We weren’t looking for SS upgrades and settled for supporting type bats as middle of the order hitters. To be fair, we tried hard to improve at catcher, and it wasn’t management’s fault that it went so badly.

Whar did Bruce Sherman said about free agent spending?

“No, we have invested significantly at all levels of this organization and will continue to explore all options in order to bring the desired sustained success to this organization.”

The article adds that Sherman refused to talk about how high the payroll would rise, though previous owner Jeffrey Loria promised a payroll around the mid-range mark ($146 million this season) with the new stadium. If Bruce Sherman is serious about winning than money shouldn’t be an issue.

Bruce Sherman added this:

“I can’t speak to prior ownership. Our payroll has grown substantially in recent years, and we expect to continue to invest once again in our Major League payroll in 2023.

“Our ownership group’s goal is to deliver a sustainable, winning franchise to Miami. I hoped we would be there today, but are not, so we are continuing to invest to work toward that goal.”

Another interesting thing that Bruce Sherman said is this:

“We are proud to boast one of the best starting pitching rotations in baseball. But, our offense needs to be better. There are a number of ways in which we can address adding impact bats to our roster.

“In the offseason, we will look at all of our options to determine what makes the most sense for the present and the future. We will also be reviewing our processes for developing our position players in the minors; as we know, that is a key element to creating sustained success.”

Sherman also said that he isn’t selling the team. This off-season will tell if Bruce Sherman is truly serious about winning or if he’s just Jeffrey Loria with a different name.