2 Miami Marlins players that can't be brought back in 2024

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1. Avisail Garcia

If there's one signing that really backfired on the Miami Marlins, it's this one. Avisail Garcia has not been worth his contract his entire time on the team so far. He received a four year $53 million contract with a club option for $12 million (with a 45 million buyout). That was a bizarre contract to give even then.

Avisail Garcia started off his career very well. Avi batted .319/.373/.319, in 23 games and 47 AB with the Detroit Tigers back in 2012. He then split the 2013 season between Detroit and the Chicago White Sox. This time he batted .283/.309/.422, in 72 games and 256 AB. This was still pretty solid production at this point in his career. He was showing promise, but that would not last very long unfortunately.

Avisail Garcia spent the next four seasons of his career (2014 to 2018), with the Chicago White Sox. During that time, he batted .268/.322/.423 with 69 home runs and 268 RBI. His best season at that time came in 2017, when he batted .330/.380/.506, with 18 home runs and 80 RBI in 136 games and 518 AB. At this point some even thought that he was a rising future superstar.

Avi was overall very streaky during his time in Chicago, which was an early warning sign about the slugger. From 2019-2021 he played for two different teams, the Tampa Bay Rays and the Milwaukee Brewers. He batted .267/.332/.453 for them in 313 games and 1131 AB. 2022 was Avi's debut season with the Miami Marlins. He proceeded to bat .224/.266/.317, with 8 home runs and 35 RBI in 98 games and 357 AB. It was a disastrous debut and he only did worse this season.

This season, Avisail Garcia has batted .185/.241/.315, with 3 home runs and 12 RBI in 37 games and 108 AB. He's been a complete waste of money so far and I don't see a reason why that would change. There are also better corner OF's on the team already in Bryan De La Cruz and Jesus Sanchez.

What can the Miami Marlins do about this situation? The best option is to do a bad contract swap and hope for the best. He's too expensive to be released and too bad to continue be given AB's. He's also too expensive to keep as a bench piece. A playoff contending team should also not waste more AB's on a player like him.

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