2 Miami Marlins starting hitters who are in their last season with the team

These two hitters will not be playing for The Fish next season.
Tim Anderson
Tim Anderson / Dustin Satloff/GettyImages
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This isn't a good season for the Miami Marlins so far and off-season mistakes got us here. Not all moves were mistakes however. It's early to start thinking about the off-season, but there are a couple players who almost certainly won't be on the team at that point. Who are they? Read on!

A couple players won't be suiting up for the Miami Marlins next season.


I don't think that it's surprising to say that Anderson has been a great low-cost signing for The Fish. It remains to be seen if he can bounce back to his old form, but he's certainly not as bad as he was last season for the Chicago White Sox. The only downside is that he's a free agent after the season. This opens us up to three different scenarios: he's traded at the Trade Deadline, leaves as a free agent after the season, or re-signs with the team.

I don't realy see Tim Anderson re-signing with the team. His defense at SS has been on the decline, and he's already in his 30's. He seems more like a stop-gap than long-term solution at the position. I wouldn't predict him to be definitely traded either, as his defensive issues along with lack of an impact bat, may keep his value lower than one might expect.

This leaves us with Anderson simply leaving The Fish as a free agent after the season. That's my current expectation of where things are going. I expect him to simply sign elsewhere after the season.