2 Miami Marlins starting hitters who are in their last season with the team

These two hitters will not be playing for The Fish next season.
Tim Anderson
Tim Anderson / Dustin Satloff/GettyImages
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Could there really be anyone else? Just like Tim Anderson, Josh Bell is a free agent after this season. Just like Anderson, Bell is not a lock to be traded at the Trade Deadline. The reason being that as a streaky first baseman with bad defense, he simply does ot have that much trade value. I wouldn't say that both hem and Anderson won't be traded if the team keeps playing poorly, just that they're not a lock to be traded, just are likely to be so.

There's a chance that Josh Bell remains with the Miami Marlins after the season, but how really likely is that? It seems that Peter Bendix doesn't want to clog up the DH spot and there are arguably better options for first base on the team. Jake Burger for example could always be moved there from third base. He's already getting starts there for a reason.

First base is also the easiest position to fill among hitters usually, so The Fish can always save money and look for a cheaper option in free agency or by trade. There's also the farm to consider. It just seems unlikely that Josh Bell will be on the Miami Marlins come next Opening Day.

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