2 pitchers that could be trade targets for the Miami Marlins

There is no doubt the Marlins Need pitching help
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The Miami Marlins are looking to buy and increase their playoff chances, and pitching is a big part of their needs. The Marlins have struggled after the All-Star break and their starting pitching and bullpen have been a mess. The bullpen in particular has given up leads on multiple outings and looks worn out from their overuse in the first half of the season, would the Pittsburgh Pirates be a trade partner to help build the Marlins chances?

Option 1 - Mitch Keller

The Pittsburgh Pirates announced they would be open to hearing trade proposals for two of their pitchers, and the Marlins could use one or both. The first big option is starting pitcher Mitch Keller, which the Pirates are open to hearing offers for, and Keller would be a great pick to help round out the Marlins rotation. Keller is on a one year contract for $2.44 million and is under team control until 2026, so the best part of the trade would be the long term control of Keller, rather than a half season rental like most deadline deals.

Keller is 9-6 with a 4.01 ERA this season and was an All-Star for the Pittsburgh Pirates. Keller is a five year starter and has a 1.195 WHIP and both his walk and strikeout numbers have greatly improved this season. This could be a preview of things to come for Keller and the Marlins staff could use a pitcher to eat some innings, rather than having bullpen games until Eury Perez can return. Keller might be a costly option however, and the Marlins don't have much depth in their system and hitting is also a huge priority. Since Keller is under control for so long he might cost a few different prospects, and Xavier Edwards would be a great fit for the deal, along with one other prospect.