2 pitchers that could be trade targets for the Miami Marlins

There is no doubt the Marlins Need pitching help
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Option 2 - David Bednar

The Miami Marlins could use David Bednar as of late, as their current closer A.J. Puk is definitely struggling to close out games and could end up being a set up man at best. The Marlins brass and management might not have the best opinion of him going forward and if they can acquire a quality closer, I could see them making the move.

Bednar is having a stellar season with 19 saves and a 1.15 ERA with a 0.949 WHIP, and most impressively he has only 1 blown save on the season. Bednar is another All-Star and his numbers are amazing and he has crushed his career averages to date. He is averaging 0.2 home runs, 2.1 walks, and 10.8 strikeouts per nine innings. Bednar was the closer last season for the Pirates as well with 19 saves on the season, which goes to his resume as a more seasoned closer than the Marlins Puk.

Puk has struggled as of late in the closer spot and has only 15 saves on the season and 5 blown saves. His 4.45 ERA and 1.206 WHIP just go to show he has not been consistent enough this season to be the closer and the Marlins need help. Puk's hits and home runs per 9 inning average have gone up this season as well, as he has given up 6 home runs in 32.1 innings.

The Marlins would be wise to inquire on the price for Bednar from the Pirates and if the asking price is anywhere near Aroldis Chapman, they need to make the deal. Time will tell but I would easily part with a AAA prospect or two to acquire a quality closer like Bednar.

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