2 reasons Miami Marlins Luis Arraez is chasing history, and 1 thing he won't catch

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Luis Arraez, Miami Marlins
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Luis Arraez can hit .400

There have been only a handful of people who have hit .400 in all of baseball history, and if he accomplishes that feat it will be the 14th time since 1900. The last player to hit .400 or more in a season was Ted Williams in 1941, and Tony Gwynn in 1994 was the most recent player who got close, hitting .394.

Luis Arraez will have a great chance as the Miami Marlins lead-off hitter to make the .400 mark and add his mark in baseball history. Arraez is in the 24th percentile in chase rate and therefore in the 100th percentile on strikeout rate, and that reason alone shows he is able to make the .400 mark. The last reason why he can make .400 is his sweet spot percentage is 44.5% up from 41.7% and Arraez' spray chart of hits shows he hits the ball where its pitched as he has a very even spread across all parts of the field.