2 reasons why the Miami Marlins got a steal in acquiring Josh Bell

If it isn't obvious to you yet, it should be that Josh Bell is the real deal and was a real steal at the trade deadline
New York Yankees v Miami Marlins
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Price point 

The Miami Marlins added Josh Bell from the Cleveland Guardians for Jean Segura and Khalil Watson.  Khalil Watson is a A ball middle infielder who has been streaky this season.  He is currently playing the best ball of his year, and maybe helped his trade value as a result.  Kim Ng’s move proved to be even more amazing by getting rid of the salary and low performance of Jean Segura.  The fact that she got the Guardians to take on his salary is an amazing g feat.  

Even more significantly the Marlins acquired a premier first baseman who was one of the most sought after players last season.  Now one year removed from the hype, Bell came at a better price and was seemingly unknown as a possibility as no one mentioned him as a trade potential.  Kim really made a big move acquiring him as he has solidified the middle of the order.  The value the Marlins got for a true 3 hole hitter cannot be understated.  Opposing teams definitely now have to account for his production in the middle of the order.