2 reasons why the Miami Marlins got a steal in acquiring Josh Bell

If it isn't obvious to you yet, it should be that Josh Bell is the real deal and was a real steal at the trade deadline
New York Yankees v Miami Marlins
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Josh Bell has been amazing since he joined the Miami Marlins squad and his production has actually increased.  Even though Bell is in the heart of the lineup he is doing lots of damage despite seeing the toughest pitching.  In his first 8 games with the Marlins Bell is hitting .323 with an OPS of 1.077.  He is on fire and not just hitting the ball but he’s got power.  In 35 plate appearances he has 10 total hits, 2 of which are doubles and 3 home runs.  Bell has been on top of his game producing runs as well, as he has 7 RBI and 5 runs scored.  

Not that Bell will certainly keep up his home run percentage but he had only a 2.8% home run rate for Cleveland, he now has an 8.6% with the Marlins.   Bell has also seen both his exit velocity and hard hit percentage rise with the Marlins.  Is it too early to proclaim that the Josh Bell deal was a big win, I don’t think so.  He has helped lead the team in offense and was the spark for comeback wins in the process.  Bell makes the Marlins lineup more dangerous and the fact that Kim Ng got him when he wasn’t a discussed trade piece at all makes it a big time win!  I for one am looking forward to more Bell at-bats as he was my number one trade target last season, and I really love his game. 

Bell has made history with the Marlins, being the first player in franchise history to hit a home run from both sides of the plate in one game. Additionally, as I finish writing this, he has yet again hit another home run, this time against the Yankees in tonight's matchup. Bell is on fire, and opponents should be weary of facing him going forward.

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