3 Ace Pitchers the Miami Marlins should Target via Trade to Replace Sandy Alcantara

How long will they need a pitcher for? Long term or a one year deal?
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3) Logan Gilbert, SEA

Logan Gilbert has emerged as a surprise potential trade candidate. At face value, one would think the young Mariner would be a building block in Seattle. However, a surplus of young pitching depth including talents like George Kirby, Bryan Woo, and Bryce Miller, all of whom hit free agency later than Gilbert, gives the team a valuable trade chip.

The Florida native has impressed during his first three years in MLB. Gilbert has posted a 3.76 career ERA and a stellar 32-18 record as a starter. Any team in baseball would be happy to land him.

Gilbert also has the lowest payroll hit of any player on this list, with a 2023 salary of just over $767,000. He also has four years of arbitration remaining, making him an idea fit for a club like Miami.

Landing a high-upside, 26-year-old, starter on such a team-friendly contract would undoubtedly come with a high price tag. However, the Marlins have the prospect depth to seriously consider trading younger assets for an established top-end rotation piece.