3 Biggest one-hit wonders in Miami Marlins history

Three players who had only one great season for The Fish
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The Miami Marlins/Florida Marlins had quite a few players who had great seasons, but there were some who never replicated that success. I'm avoiding players who had injuries, tragic events or lack of multiple seasons get in the way. I'm strictly focusing on players who had multiple seasons on the team, but only had one great/very good one.

The Miami Marlins/Florida Marlins had three on-hit wonders in the team's history...


The list starts with CF Preston Wilson. Wilson played on the then Florida Marlins from 1998 to 2002. Wilson was part of a blockbuster trade, that also involved the division rival New York Mets on May 22, 1998. He was traded just 4 years later to the Colorado Rockies on November 16, 2002. How did Preston do on The Fish?

Preston Wilson debuted with the then Florida Marlins in 1998. He batted .065/.194/.161, with a home run and an RBI in 14 games and 31 AB. He was worth an atrocious -0.5 WAR for that "cup of coffee". In 1999, he batted a much improved .280/.350/.502 with 26 home runs and 71 RBI, in 149 games and 482 AB. He was worth just 0.6 WAR for that performance. The 2000 season would see him have that big season.

In 2000, Wilson batted .264/.331/.486, with 31 home runs and 121 RBI in 161 games and 605 AB. This was a breakout season for the slugger, who was worth 2.0 WAR for that performance. This was his best season with the team. 2001 wasn't a bad season for him, as he batted .274/.331/.494 with 23 home runs and 71 RBI, in 123 games and 468 AB. While he was worth an improved 2.8 WAR, he didn't have a big year counting stats wise.

Preston Wilson's final season with the Marlins came in 2002, when he batted .243/.329/.429, with 23 home runs and 65 RBI, in 141 games and 510 AB. He was worth 1.4 WAR for that season. That turned into his final season on the team. 2000 was his sole big season on The Fish, as otherwise he was unable to truly put everything together again.