3 Biggest one-hit wonders in Miami Marlins history

Three players who had only one great season for The Fish
Mike Jacobs
Mike Jacobs / John Capella/Sports Imagery/GettyImages
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Perhaps the most clear one-hit wonder, Mike Jacobs played for the then Florida Marlins from 2006-2008. He was acquired as a prospect from the New York Mets on November 24, 2005. The Fish traded him to the Kansas City Royals on October 31, 2008 in what was at that point more of a dump.

Mike Jacobs debuted in 2006 with a .262/.325/.473 batting line, with 20 home runs and 77 RBI in 136 games and 469 AB. It looked like a promising debut, though he was actually worth just -2.9 WAR for his career. The reason why he is on that list is his big 2008 season.

How did Mike Jacobs do in 2007? He batted .265/.317/.458, with 17 home runs and 54 RBI, in 114 games and 426 AB. It was the aforementioned 2008 season that pu him on this list. He batted .247/.299/.514, with 32 home runs and 93 RBI, n 141 games and 477 AB.

Mike Jacobs struggled with strikeouts, getting on base, hitting for contact and defensively. That said, he had that 30 homer season that was a pretty big deal at the time. He never repeated that performance and in fact was out of the Major Leagues by the 2012 season.

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