3 Impact hitters the Miami Marlins should try to sign

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Teoscar Hernandez is one of the top free agent bats available this off-season. For a bizarre reason the Seattle Mariners didn't bother giving him a Qualifying Offer. That was undoubtedly a dumb decision. As one of the top bats available in a weak hitter's market, he would've rejected the QO and signed somewhere else. He would've been able to get Seattle a draft pick back. Now, they're going to lose him for free.

The fact that Teoscar Hernandez doesn't come with a draft pick attached, is just an added bonus for The Fish. Teoscar has been worth 2.1 WAR in 2023, and has batted .258/.305/.435 with 26 home runs and 93 RBI, in 160 games and 625 AB. The average and OBP are obviously not that impressive, but the power is and the WAR is solid as well.

It's important to point out that Teoscar didn't it very well at Seattle's home park. He batted a lowly .217/.263/.380 at T-Mobile Park, but .295/.344/.486 on the road. That was more in line with his .283/.333/.519 batting line from 2020 to 2022. During that run, he had a big 2021 season when he hit 32 home runs and 116 RBI.

How much would Teoscar Hernandez cost the Miami Marlins? A 4-5 year deal of $20 million a year would likely be the price. It may be pushing it, and I don't necessarily expect the team to pay that. That said, it's market value that The Fish should be willing to spend to continue making the playoffs. Teoscar's contact and strikeouts concern me (211 this season and 152 last season), but the bat can play in RF. The Fish should at least check in on him.