3 Key players for the Miami Marlins, Toronto Blue Jays Series

Miami Marlins v Washington Nationals
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Jesus Sanchez, Luis Arraez, Miami Marlins
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Jesus Sanchez, Miami Marlins, OF

Jesus Sanchez had probably the best catch of the season in Seattle for the Miami Marlins, and perhaps the best of the MLB. That play might have been Sanchez' only real significant contribution. Jesus Sanchez is playing right field and likely will start all three games there, to save Jorge Soler's knees from the tough turf and he needs to step it up at the plate.

Sanchez had an abysmal road trip, hitting .125 over the course of the 8 games he played in and with 3 RBI. He did not have any extra base hits over the whole road trip and has only had three for the whole month of June, all of which were home runs. Sanchez is hitting in the four hole Monday night and will need to prove he belongs in that spot.