3 Miami Marlins players likely traded by the Trade Deadline

The Fish aren't dong very well to say the least, who is likely on their way out? The last one might suprise you
Tanner Scott
Tanner Scott / Megan Briggs/GettyImages
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Starting pitching is probably the most in-demand position at the Trade Deadline. Contending teams are always looking for that extra addition to improve the rotation for the stretch run ad the playoffs. This can often have World Series winning ramifications. This is why SP Jesus Luzardo seems to be a very strong trade candidate. I already mentioned that he was in trade discussions last off-season.

Jesus Luzardo is a free agent after the 2026 season, which gives him enough team control to make him very valuable in a trade. The presence of Eury Perez, Sandy Alcantara and Max Meyer among others, does still keep the rotation as an area of "surplus", though you can also "never have enough pitching".

The biggest reason to trade Luzardo may simply be that the Miami Marlins are unlikely to sign him to an extension. He will almost certainly command an extension worth well over $100 million, and will all of the aforementioned names, I don't really see him getting that extension (assuming anyone will even get it). My guess is that The Fish will certainly shop Luzardo around.

Tanner Scott is a lock to be traded the way things are going. Luis Arraez is a strong possibility and Jesus Luzardo is very likely. The Miami Marlins could vastly improve the farm at the Trade Deadline, though I can't pretend to be happy about the team potentially losing Arraez and Luzardo.

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