3 Miami Marlins players to build a winning team around

The Fish are looking at a lost season, but who is there to build around?
Eury Perez
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Sandy Alcantara is surely a major foundational piece for the team. The injured ace has also been signed to an extension. The 28 year old is under team control through the 2027 season. He will receive salaries of $17.3 million for the 2025 and 2026 seasons. There's also a team option for $21 million for the 2027 season.

This is a tough one. Based on the team's infamous history with high salaries and the dwindling team control, it's hard not to assume that the 2022 NL Cy Young award winner is more likely to be traded than retained. With his rising salary, it seems to make sense for The Fish to move him instead of retaining him right?

It's hard to say what will actually happen, but it would be beneficial for the team if Sandy was around for a potential future dynasty. If the team is doing good during those years, I fully expect him to be kept around. Sadly, if the team isn't doing particularly well, he will almost certainly be moved during that time. This would be the "Tampa way of doing things" of course.

In short, Sandy Alcantara, who produced a remarkable 2.28 ERA/2.99 FIP in 32 games and a Major League leading 228.2 innings pitched in 2022, should be a building block player.