3 Miami Marlins players who shouldn't be on the roster Aug 1st

There are those that are excelling this season and others that aren't coming close.
Miami Marlins v Seattle Mariners
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Jean Segura, Miami Marlins
Miami Marlins v Seattle Mariners / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

Jean Segura, 3B

Jean Segura has been nothing short of a flop since he signed in the off-season with the Miami Marlins. Segura is playing at one of the prime power hitting positions on the field and hasn't produced even close to the league average. Segura is slashing .190/.259/.234 with a .493 OPS, it doesn't get much worse than that if you want to play in this league. If Segura can be offloaded on another team, I welcome that, but in reality no one wants him and he should just be cut.

Segra has one home run and 11 RBI for the season and was just put on the IL and Jacob Amaya has been called up to fill in around the infield for the Miami Marlins. Segura has a -1.6 WAR this season and Amaya, in his 4 at-bats has a 0.1 WAR and 2 RBI, and will surpass Segura in production in a month if he is given the opportunity. Jeimer Candelario or Patrick Wisdom would be an improvement over Segura and should be cheap.