3 Miami Marlins players who shouldn't be on the roster Aug 1st

There are those that are excelling this season and others that aren't coming close.
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Avisail Garcia, Miami Marlins
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Avisail Garcia, OF

Avisail Garcia has been another big disappointment for the Miami Marlins, and one that hurts the most, as he has a huge contract for a small market team. Garcia has a 4 year/53 Million dollar contract that runs through 2025 with a team option for 2026, making him the second highest paid player on the Marlins roster, behind Jorge Soler.

Garcia has been injured both years he has been with the Marlins and for a significant amount of time both years, out for one month in August of 2022 and he has been out since the start of May this season. Garcia is slashing .188/.243/.333 with an OPS of .577 which is similar to last year's production as he slashed .224/.266/.317 with an OPS of .582. There is no reason to believe there will be any changes to that level of production in the future. Teams might take an interest in trading for Garcia if they look at his past potential, and the Marlins would do well to trade him and sign a power hitter for the middle of the lineup.

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