3 Miami Marlins prospects that deserve a promotion

With trade season upon us and the MLB draft, the minor leagues will be full of activity and these name stand out as some that should be moving
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OF Javier Senoja

The Miami Marlins signed Javier Senoja as an international free agent and the 20-year-old currently plays for the Jupiter Hammerheads. Senoja has been with the club since 2021 and has vastly improved his game this year, as such he deserves a shot in high A ball in Beloit.

Senoja's biggest two stats jump right out at you and they are not the traditional ones you would think. Senoja has struck out only 27 times in 334 plate appearances, he's definitely a Kim Ng type player. He is currently slashing .292/.341/.731 and his other big stat that sticks out is his team-leading 24 stolen bases. He has been caught 13 times which is too many but he has 24 walks to go along with it, meaning he almost has as many walks as he does strikeouts, which is a pretty amazing stat.

Centerfield is one of the weaker points in the Marlins' system and Senoja would be a great fit to keep developing up in high A ball. One centerfielder in Beloit, Osiris Johnson is currently hitting .173 with 4 home runs and 12 RBI in 104 at-bats. I can't imagine Senoja doing any poorer than that rather he likely will excel in that league. There is certainly room to have him up in high A and compete for playing time.

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