3 New Years Resolutions for Marlins Manager Skip Schumaker

The Marlins have goals for 2024
Sep 30, 2023; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA;  Miami Marlins manager Skip Schumaker reacts on the
Sep 30, 2023; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA; Miami Marlins manager Skip Schumaker reacts on the / Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
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The Miami Marlins manager Skip Schumaker has been an amazing add so far, especially after winning Manager of the Year this past year. Looking back at the last season there were so many good things the Marlins did to get into contention and start winning. The mindset shift is 100% on Skip Schumaker and it is the reason the team got to where they did and played with more grit. He was so deserving of the Manager of the Year honor, and in his interview he rededicated himself to the same philosophy he had this past year.

3 New Years Goals for Marlins Skip Schumaker to ponder

Now let’s take a look at three New Year’s resolutions that Skip Schumaker should have for  the 2024 season. The list certainly isn’t exhaustive but it has some definite needs and wants for the Marlins fan base. The Marlins fans would love to build on last year so here are 3 ways it will. 

#3 Let Your Young pitchers go deeper

The last year Skip Schumaker did a great job managing a young pitching staff and helped them to be successful. To build on last year’s success Skip needs to trust those young pitchers to get out of jams a little bit more and at least try for 6 innings.

Last year Eury Perez was on a pitch count and was very limited on staying in games but sometimes too limited as he was pulled from games in the 5th inning because he hit 70 pitches. It’s fine he has a pitch count but this year let’s make it 100 and get closer to that number. Braxton Garrett faced the same issue as he was routinely pulled in the 5th or 6th because it was the lineups third time though. He also needs to be trusted some and let pitch a full 6th inning. Certainly with any pitcher young or old, they can be pulled if they are in trouble and struggling to find the zone or have lost control.