3 Off-Season moves that the Miami Marlins should've made

This has been a disappointing season for The Fish so far
Jorge Soler
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I will keep saying it, but not offering outgoing DH Jorge Soler a Qualifying Offer was a huge mistake. I just don't get the thinking. He's terrible defensively, doesn't hit well for contact, can't stay healthy or consistent... giving Jorge Soler a QO is just a plain stupid idea. Looking at you San Francisco Giants.

I don't like Jorge Soler on a multi-year deal. I expect him to get injured, be inconsistent and be stuck at the DH spot. Of course that's on a multi-year deal, on a one-year deal however... I expect him to be worth the risk. As they say "there's no bad one-year deals". Regardless, offering him a QO was a win-win.

Had Soler rejected the QO and signed somewhere, the Miami Marlins would've received a draft pick for him. Had he rejected it and then failed to sign anywhere, The Fish could've offered him a discounted team-friendly one-year deal. Had he accepted, he would've been worth the cost, unless Bruce Sherman really doesn't want to spend the $20.325 even on a one-year deal.

In the worst case scenario, it could've been possible to flip Jorge Soler for something of value if Sherman refused to pay his new salary. He was coming off of a 36 homer season and did end up signing a multi-year deal with San Francisco.

The Miami Marlins should be more transparent with the fanbase, should've offered Jorge Soler a Qualifying Offer and should've actually improved at catcher.

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