3 options for the Miami Marlins at SS

3 different options for Miami Marlins at SS options. Who can The Fish acquire?

Tim Anderson
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The Miami Marlins entered the off-season looking for SS help. So far no SS has been brought in, but I talked about some unlikely but interesting options. Who is realistic for The Fish however? Who can we expect the team to actually acquire to fill the hole at the position? Who is available by trade and in free agency?

Who can the Miami Marlins acquire to play SS in the upcoming season?


Let's look at free agency first...one obvious option is Tim Anderson. There hasn't been much information revealed about him this off-season. The Chicago White Sox moved on from him after a -2.0 WAR season, in which he batted .245/.286/.296. He has a career .282/.312/.422 batting line however. He can likely be had on a one year deal within the range of $10 million.

Is he worth the gamble though? He certainly might be. Looking at his underlining stats... he hit a career low percentage of fly balls in 2023 (16.9%). His career number is 25.3%. He had a 1.6% HR/FB% in 2023, compared to his career 14.1%. I do expect those numbers to improve in 2024.

Another top free agent market is Amed Rosario. He's not the greatest option either, as he batted .263/.305/.378 this season. He does however have experience and could at least be a somewhat dependable position at the position. Rosario has a career .272/.308/.400 batting line, but had a -0.7 dWAR in 2023. He had a 1.2 dWAR in 2022, so it's possible that he can get back to that ability in 2024. Both Anderson and Rosario are not ideal options, but either one can bounce back.

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