3 options for the Miami Marlins at SS

3 different options for Miami Marlins at SS options. Who can The Fish acquire?
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Looking towards the trade market, Willy Adames of the Milwaukee Brewers is a popular target. Adames batted .217/.310/.407, with 24 home runs and 80 RBI, in 149 games and 553 AB in 2023. Adames is a free agent after the upcoming season, but there's no guarantee that Milwaukee will punt on 2024 and trade him.

There are other questions with Adames as well, he consistently has high strikeout rates and low batting averages. He has a career .247/.320/.439 batting line, with a below average 27.7% strikeout percentage. The Miami Marlins may be willing to stomach the batting average and strikeout rate, if the price is right.

Jorge Polanco of the Minnesota Twins is another target. Minnesota is looking to cut payroll and Polanco doesn't have an obvious starting role in 2024. That said, he hasn't played SS in a few years and does have an injury history. Polanco batted .255/.335/.454 in 2023 and shouldn't cost much.

It's interesting to point out, that both Polanco and Adames have short-term control. Adames is a free agent after the upcoming season, and Polanco has a $12 million team option for 2025. He will hit free agency after the upcoming season if it's not picked up on him. Is it worth it for The Fish to target them? It fully depends on the price, Polanco is my personal choice due to better contact and the longer team control available.