3 options for the Miami Marlins at SS

3 different options for Miami Marlins at SS options. Who can The Fish acquire?
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Javier Baez of the Detroit Tigers could be an interesting option. He batted a poor .222/.267/.325 in 2023, but with a 1.0 dWAR. He's still a good defender and there's at least hope that a 20 home run bat is still in there somewhere. Detroit would of course however need to pay most of his salary going forward, and there's no indication that they're even willing to do that.

The Miami Marlins would be making that trade entirely for defense and the offensive upside. It's a pretty risky trade, but if his salary is significantly lowered, he could very well be worth the price just for his elite defense. It's imperative to point out just how important defense is at the position.

Could the Boston Red Sox be open to moving Trevor Story? Like Baez, Story is a "bad contract" who is coming off of a .203/.250/.316 batting line in 2023. Could Boston be willing to move him and pay most of his salary? Is he worth the gamble for the Miami Marlins or not? He is a career .265/.332/.504 bat.

Trevor Story is a gamble like Baez, but perhaps has slightly more upside with the bat. At the expense of his defense of course. Personally, if both of their salaries were significantly lowered, with their teams paying the difference, I would really like these options. Overall, the most important thing is that the Miami Marlins get the best possible deal and upgrade significantly at SS.