3 players the Miami marlins need to get hot this month

The added pieces to the team will help them compete against the best, but what year-long players will need to be on the top of their game?
Detroit Tigers v Miami Marlins
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Jazz Chisholm, Jr. - OF - Marlins

Jazz Chisholm is back and Marlins fans couldn't be happier to see him healthy again. Chisholm has had a season full of stops and starts due to injuries and it's easy to see how much better the team is with him in the lineup. Chisholm is the cleanup hitter, speed threat on the bases, and team leader when he is in the clubhouse, the Marlins need him. The Marlins did well when he was not on the team for a few months but they also had a much easier schedule and their pitching staff was making big strides, especially with Rookie sensation Eury Perez.

Jazz currently is slashing .249/.305/.459 with an OPS at .763 and his production has been substantial. He has hit 10 home runs, drove in 23, has 15 stolen bases, 6 doubles, and all in only 198 plate appearances. As a comparison, De La Cruz has 439 plate appearances, which goes to show how big of an impact Jazz can have while healthy. DLC has a 3.4% home run rate compared to Jazz' 5.1% and Soler's 5.8%. Jazz can be a big time threat right up there with the best.

Since Jazz returned on July 31 he has hit .286 with 1 home run, 2 RBI, and 2 doubles, while swiping one bag. Jazz can be a big spark to the team in the cleanup spot if he can continue that level of production over the next month against some of the toughest pitching staff's in the MLB. Jazz becoming healthy again and his production can be the biggest impact of the trade deadline, if he can stay in the lineup and help complete the middle of the lineup threat that the Marlins have in place. We need you Jazz so keep crushing the ball and take care of your health.