3 players who could be a spark for the Miami Marlins in September 

There are several needs the team has currently but which 3 minor leaguers could have a big time impact?
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1B/OF Troy Johnston

Troy Johnston is the obvious choice for a September call up. He has been lights out all season and is the likely future Marlins 1B and has the stats to show it.  Johnston has been with the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp for a short stint and in his 26 games he has not disappointed. Johnston has had 120 plate appearances and has 5 home runs, 9 doubles, 1 triples, and has driven in 23 runs.  Johnston’s AAA slash line is equally impressive, sitting at .368/.433/.613 with an OPS of 1.047.  The Marlins could use that production up with the big club.  

Johnston has proven all season he belongs and needs a shot with the Marlins.  His season stats through August 26 between both AA and AAA have him hitting a combined .314 with 32 doubles, 23 home runs, and 106 RBI while swiping 18 bags.  His strikeout rate is also exactly where Marlins brass likes it as it happens only 20 % of the time in AAA and below 20% combined.  September is Johnston’s time and he needs to be one of the Marlins call ups.