3 players who the Miami Marlins should not call up in September

There are only a few spots that can be used to call up prospects in September and with a playoff race at stake, the Marlins must be careful
Miami Marlins v Los Angeles Angels
Miami Marlins v Los Angeles Angels / Rob Leiter/GettyImages
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The Miami Marlins need a spark to make it to the playoffs and the MLB September call-ups are just around the corner.  The players they call up could make all the difference or could add depth to positions.  If the Marlins pick correctly they will only be helped by the added players, especially in the bullpen.  

As we wrote previously, there are a few really good names that would make great candidates to call up.   I would find it hard to pass up the 3 selections already suggested but you can never tell what Marlins brass will do.  One thing is for sure, the Marlins need to use those extra roster spots for players that can have an impact and not just a potentially good player who isn’t actually ready to play.  

The Marlins minor leagues is pretty young and a lot of the talent is a year or two away from the major leagues but there are several names that could be considered this fall.  Here are 3 names the Marlins should avoid using for the September call ups as they have limited spots and time for an impact.