3 players who the Miami Marlins should not call up in September

There are only a few spots that can be used to call up prospects in September and with a playoff race at stake, the Marlins must be careful
Miami Marlins v Los Angeles Angels
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Xavier Edwards - 2B

The Miami Marlins are pretty well filled out when it comes to 2nd base with All Star Luis Arraez.  The last thing I would want to see is Arraez getting more off days in favor of an average minor league player.   I do like Xavier Edwards' skill set however and I really would love to see him in another spot.  

If he could play center field  he might have a much better chance at being called up.  The Marlins need some infield depth but they are more likely to call up a power hitter than an infielder.  

One thing I would like to see the Marlins do is have Edwards up and see if he can hang at shortstop.  If indeed he could hang at short, he would provide some valuable speed up at the top of the lineup and could change the look of the Marlins order.  He could fit in at the second spot in the lineup and serve as a second leadoff hitter along with Arraez.  With all of that said however, I don’t believe he will be the on called up.