3 players who the Miami Marlins should not call up in September

There are only a few spots that can be used to call up prospects in September and with a playoff race at stake, the Marlins must be careful
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Daniel Castano P

The Miami Marlins AAA starter Daniel Castano is an interesting option that they could pick to call up in September but he would not be my choice.  The 28 year old minor leaguer is having a good season but it is only his 3rd year in the minors and had a little longer to go before he is MLB ready.   Castano would be a good name to watch however going forward as his age will help him become ready sooner than others. 

This year Castano has compiled a 3-1 record with a 4.34 ERA over 16 starts.   He has done well most games and only had a few bad starts that inflated his ERA to the level it currently sits.  His last 2 starts were very rocky as he went 6.2 and gave up 7 earned his last start and the one prior he went 5 innings and gave up 5 earned.  

It seems he is much more suited to starting games as he has been much more successful as a starter than coming out of the pen.  That alone is the primary reason he would not make a good choice to be called up.  The Marlins need a starter but they can use someone who is versatile either way.  Castano is not their guy for versatility.