3 players who the Miami Marlins should not call up in September

There are only a few spots that can be used to call up prospects in September and with a playoff race at stake, the Marlins must be careful

Miami Marlins v Los Angeles Angels
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Dane Myers OF

The Miami Marlins called up Dane Myers earlier this season and he had a great early spark but didn’t quite pan out.  The Marlins can use the outfield depth and Myers would certainly provide such depth but he would not spark the offense in the way that other prospects could as his ceiling is much lower.  Myers however, has had an amazing season and has a bright future ahead of him.  He has a great chance to make the roster in coming seasons but the timing is just not right at the moment.  

Dane Myers has 338 at-bats and he has compiled a .325 average with a .935 OPS.  Myers ranks near the top on the Jumbo Shrimp with 15 home runs, 60 RBI, and 19 RBI, which would provide some help to the team if he could perform at the same level.   Unfortunately for the Marlins, Myers did not perform as such when he was called up, and worked on his swing extensively.  The Marlins need a bigger bat than Myers can allow however, if any more injuries happen he might be the next man up, and there’s good reason why he should be but as of now he is just short of the September call up roster. I am excited about his future and I want to see what he can do in spring training in 2024, but right now is not his time unless another injury befalls the Marlins outfield.

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