3 Reason why Miami Marlins Luis Arraez is the leading MVP Candidate and 2 reasons why he won't win

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Miami Marlins Luis Arraez NL MVP - Reason 1

Miami Marlins second baseman Luis Arraez has been all over the top of the Marlins lineup, from leadoff to cleanup, he has produced. Arraez is the National League leader in hits right now with 85 ahead of both Freddie Freeman (81) and Ronald Acuna (79). Those two are consistently talked about as league MVPs, yet Arraez is besting them in the most fundamental aspect of baseball. Should he now be in that discussion, we say yes. Now to blow your mind on Arraez' lead in hits, he has done so in 30 fewer at bats. 30! If he had as many at bats as those two players, he would be leading by 11 or 12 hits.