3 Reason why Miami Marlins Luis Arraez is the leading MVP Candidate and 2 reasons why he won't win

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Miami Marlins Luis Arraez NL MVP - Reason 2

The most popular and defining factor right now when people hear the name Luis Arraez is batting average, and justifiably so, as he is currently sitting at .401 on June 7th. Finally, the Major League Baseball community has taken notice, as seen below, Luis Arraez is chasing history when it comes to batting average. Only 13 times, according to ESPN.com, has a player ended a season hitting over .400, and three of those times was Ty Cobb and another three were Rogers Hornsby.

The next two highest batting averages in the National League belong to Freddie Freeman (.329) and Ronald Acuna (.329), which is a great average, yet it is nowhere close to Luis Arraez. That should immediately impress, even the casual fan.