3 Reason why Miami Marlins Luis Arraez is the leading MVP Candidate and 2 reasons why he won't win

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Miami Marlins Luis Arraez NL MVP - Reason 3

Miami Marlins star Luis Arraez leads the National League in a few more offensive categories, strikeouts (lowest), on base percentage, and OPS+. Arraez sits at .451 for on base percentage, which is well above Ronald Acuna (.404) and Freddie Freeman (.402) who sit at fourth and fifth place in the league, respectively.

Arraez gets on base and this fact is highlighted by his league low 11 strikeouts (min 175 ABs) and the next closest person has at least 10 more strikeouts, and to further the comparison, Freddie Freeman has 44 and Ronald Acuna has 37. National League MVP should be leader Luis Arraez has a 161 OPS+ currently which is above Freddie Freeman (158) and Ronald Acuna (157).