3 Reason why Miami Marlins Luis Arraez is the leading MVP Candidate and 2 reasons why he won't win

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Miami Marlins Luis Arraez National League MVP - Why not reason 1

The MLB pundits have already declared, despite his record breaking season, Luis Arraez shouldn't be the National League MVP because he just hits singles. We all know for fans and the highlight reels, singles don't make the cut, but now maybe Luis Arraez' will. Everyone loves a home run and so the first category that all the voters for MVP will look at is the home run category. Freddie Freeman and Ronald Acuna both are in double digits for home runs and the league leader is Pete Alonso with 22.

Arraez has one home run this year. He is not a home run hitter and his 5 foot 10 inch 175 pound frame isn't built for home runs. Now you might go run and say Jose Altuve is 5 foot 6 inches and I would agree but he has a very different swing. Arraez will never win a home run derby or battle, so he is out totally out of the conversation with regards to this measure.