3 Reason why Miami Marlins Luis Arraez is the leading MVP Candidate and 2 reasons why he won't win

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Miami Marlins Luis Arraez National League MVP - Why not reason 2

The next big category and reason why Miami Marlins second baseman Luis Arraez will not be considered for National League MVP is his team, their record, and their place among baseball big wigs. Miami is not the heralded long-time baseball land like New York or Boston or Los Angeles or Atlanta. Those are the places of baseball history and Miami is new on the scene and their standing in the playoff picture. Some analysts will argue that they must win it all or win their division to be considered for MVP and the Marlins have a tough roadblock in the Atlanta Braves to get to that point.

The second part to this final reason he won't be considered is the RBI ranking. The Miami Marlins don't score runs in bunches like other teams and they are currently tied for 14th in the National League and 25th overall. As such, Luis Arraez has only 30 RBI for the season which puts him well behind Freddie Freeman (39) and the league leader Pete Alonso (49). That is ok though, he doesn't have to lead every category but the sexy categories that the pundits look at he won't be in the conversation, and that inevitably could damage his chances at National League MVP.

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