3 Reasons why I’m not Sad Jorge Soler is gone

The Marlins can use that money elsewhere
Aug 22, 2023; San Diego, California, USA; Miami Marlins designated hitter Jorge Soler (12) drops his
Aug 22, 2023; San Diego, California, USA; Miami Marlins designated hitter Jorge Soler (12) drops his / Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Marlins star DH and OF Jorge Soler has opted out of returning to the team next year and is now a free agent. Soler is the biggest power hitter on the team and his 36 home run breakout season will leave a power hitting void on the Marlins lineup. I am not worried at all, as Soler is great but we don’t need him, he does more harm than good. I am thankful the Marlins did not give a QO, as he is not worth the price tag, here's why.

Reason 1 - Jorge Soler leaves the Marlins with no options 

The Miami Marlins and Josh Bell agreed to his option and he will return in 2024. The Marlins have their power hitter and Bell with likely switch between 1B and DH on regular occasion. Jorge Soler has no real position and therefore he won’t be missed in that way. 

Soler is not versatile and is more of a liability as he played DH 102/134 of the games this season. Since Bell is back they don’t need two DH options and they should focus on other areas of need.

Reason 2 - Jorge Soler is not playing enough

Jorge Soler is a gamble for any team to take on as he is an injury prone DH. He has played in 100+ games only 4 seasons in his 10 years. In his two seasons in Miami he played 137 games this season and 72 last season. He is a lottery ticket when it comes to his season viability and 1/4 chances isn’t what a small market team needs, they need consistent players who will be available. Jazz Chisholm is also injury prone so having two such players on their roster just exacerbates the issue. 

Reason 3 - Jorge Soler is not worth the Money

Jorge Soler is not worth the money plain and simple. Due to both of the above reasons I wouldn’t pay him more than $9 million a year unless there were incentives built in that said over 120 games he gets an extra $5 million. The Marlins don’t have that kind of cash to throw around. The Marlins are already strapped with low performing expensive players and they need to use Soler’s $16 million to get a few different players, outfield and shortstop or catcher. 

In the end, Soler was good for this season and helped the team make the playoffs. His monster home runs were amazing to watch and his RBI helped the Marlins get wins, but we need to look elsewhere. His 1-for-8 with 5 strikeout playoff performance seals the deal that we need to spend that money elsewhere. Thanks, but no thanks.

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