3 Teams that won the off-season and how it affects the Miami Marlins

The five teams that had the best off-season and how it looks going forward

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There are some positive news on the Miami Marlins rotation...finally. The Fish had a slowand mostly uneventful off-season, but what about the other teams? How did their off-seasons go? How does this affect The Fish's chances to return to the playoffs in 2024. Let's take a look at the biggest winners.

The three teams who "won" the off-season and how it affects the Miami Marlins


Who would've thought that the small market Kansas City Royals would be one of the highest spenders this off-season? After losing 106 games in 2023, the team went all-in to contend this season. That's highly admirable and something that The Fish can learn from.

Kansas City upgraded their weak rotation by signing Michael Wacha and Seth Lugo. They also upgrade their lineup by signing RF Hunter Renfroe. They're in a weak division, as the AL Central may in fact be the worst division in the Major Leagues. They made the necessary changes to challenge for the division crown (pun intended) in 2024.

They're not big spenders, yet instead of giving up and doing nothing they went out and got things done. They also extended franchise SS Bobby Witt Jr. to a franchise-record deal. If only the Miami Marlins followed the same principle and went all out to win now. That's definitely something that we can learn from Kansas City's off-season.

Kansas City might not win the division in 2024, but I certainly expect them to be in contention to doing so.