3 Teams who the Miami Marlins SHOULD trade Jesus Luzardo to?!

Jesus Luzardo
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St. Louis needs top of the rotation starting pitching. That should be their biggest priority, even as they filled out their rotation this season with mostly mid to bottom of the rotation starters. Jesus Luzardo would immediately be a top two starting pitcher on the team, so they might be willing to trade from their hitting logjam to acquire him.

Who could the Miami Marlins shot for from St. Louis? My eyes are on 2B/3B Nolan Gorman. Gorman batted .236/.328/.478, with 27 home runs and 76 RBI in 119 games and 406 AB. He was worth 2.4 WAR for that performance. Once again, it's clear that Gorman doesn't play a position of need, but he can also DH and the bat can play in general.

A potential 30 home run bat would be exactly what the Miami Marlins need, especially to replace outgoing DH Jorge Soler. Another good thing about Gorman is his team control. He won't be able to hit free agency until after the 2028 season.

So...should the Miami Marlins actually trade Jesus Luzardo? I would prefer that he stays as the rotation isn't as deep as it was last season. That said, based on his diminishing team control, injury history and perhaps lack of true ace upside, it may be smart to look into trading him. The trade return however has to be very high.