3 Things that we learned about the Miami Marlins 30% into the season

What are the three things that we learned about The Fish?
Jazz Chisholm Jr.
Jazz Chisholm Jr. / Orlando Ramirez/GettyImages
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Miami Marlins CF Jazz Chisholm Jr. has spent significant time on the injury list over the last few years. He also showed MVP level form throughout his career. It seems to all finally be coming together this season. So far healthy (knock on wood), he's been batting .262/.331/.453 with 8 home runs and 29 RBI, in 56 games and 214 AB. He's already been worth 1.3 WAR as well.

It's still early in the season, but there can't possibly be any questions about his talent and ability. Jazz has actually batted .320 over the last week. He's batting .294 over the last two weeks, with 3 home runs and 8 RBI. He's also batted .278 with 4 home runs and 12 RBI over the last month.

If Jazz Chisholm Jr. can stay healthy for the rest of the season, NL MVP contention doesn't seem to be out of the question. He also already has 10 stolen bases for the season, and if healthy could be a candidate to steal quite a bit more. The fact that he's been decent defensively is only yet another positive for him this season. I fully expect Jazz to be in the MVP conversation if he stays healthy.