4 Marlins to blame for the Miami Marlins Wild Card Disaster

What happened in the Wild Card games needs to be an area of focus for the offseason
Milwaukee Brewers v Miami Marlins
Milwaukee Brewers v Miami Marlins / Rich Storry/GettyImages
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#4 Skip Schumaker

The rookie manager had a great season and should be in competition for manager of the year for the National League but I’m sure he is looking back on his lineups and second guessing himself, as any good manager will do.  The Marlins offense was well below any other team in production this season although they did improve at the deadline.   Skip had a handful of playoff experienced players on his roster and only 1 of them saw real action with the others sitting on the bench.   

While I can understand that the players on the bench were not productive during the season and would have to fight for a spot in the order, I think experience helps most in the playoffs. The Marlins started plenty of young players in their lineup and the most productive player had a good amount of playoff experience.  

Josh Bell was out of this world in the series and played up to all the hype and was well worth it.  Joey Wendle understandably was on the bench although he could have helped out some in the infield and been a solid start at short for one of the games and putting Arraez at DH.  Yuli Gurriel I believe should have started one of the games as he hit .354 last season in the postseason and has won championships and could have been a strong presence on the field.  Yuli could have played first and given Josh Bell a day a DH and the production would have probably been better as playing in Philadelphia in the postseason is not easy.