4 Miami Marlins free agents and their chances of coming back

Jorge Soler
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Free agency is underway and there are some good options for the Miami Marlins. We already know some of The Fish's plans, but what about the team's free agents? I'm going to do this in two parts today and tomorrow, I want to really take a look at each of the team's seven free agents and see what will happen. Today I'm going to look at four of these free agents...

Which free agents will the Miami Marlins re-sign and which will leave the team?


David Robertson came over to the Miami Marlins via a trade deadline trade this past season. This was an exciting move, as The Fish were badly in need of a closer. Robertson had so much experience, that it seemed like a perfect way for the team to fix that glaring roster hole. Robertson was pretty good for the division rival New York Mets. He produced a 2.05 ERA/3.57 FIP, with 14 saves, 9.8 K/9 and 2.7 BB/9.

I was concerned about Robertson's FIP and sadly was proven right. David Robertson completely failed as The Fish's closer, producing a 5.06 ERA/3.49 FIP, with 4 saves, 12.7 K/9 and 5.1 BB/9. He was so bad, that it's hard to believe that the Miami Marlins will want him back.

David Robertson is already 38 years old and it's safe to say that his best days are behind him. He will likely receive a one year deal worth something like $7 million. Considering how bad he pitched for The Fish however, he's certainly not getting re-signed.