4 Reasons the Miami Marlins made the MLB Playoffs

There are certainly more than four but these are the top!
Milwaukee Brewers v Miami Marlins
Milwaukee Brewers v Miami Marlins / Megan Briggs/GettyImages
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Reason #3  next man up philosophy 

The Miami Marlins dealt with so many injured players this year it was hard to know who was on the team from week to week at some points.  The Marlins players and coaching staff did a great job selecting and implementing replacements throughout the season.  Probably the most impactful and hard to replace was Jazz Chisholm, and Skip did a great job lessening his impact.  

Luis Arraez in particular helped lessen the impact of many hitters throughout the season as he was the most consistent bat the Marlins had.  When Jorge Soler went out it was also a huge hit to the Marlins offense and Sanchez did a great job filling in and showing his pop at times.   

The pitching staff dealt with so many next man up scenarios it is not even funny.  What playoff team went through three different closers in a season?  Now that the Marlins have landed on Tanner Scott it seems like a great fit but he is the ultimate next man up!  

The starters have had so many injuries that AA Eury Perez was called up and it was an amazing show of next man up!  He was lights out for a few months and provided a big spark to the Marlins team and rotation that was up and down.  Perez was the ace when Sandy was going through it.  Berti is another perfect example, would you have said he would be a regular starter watching games in April?  He was a great fit however and is a big factor in the team currently.