4 Reasons the Miami Marlins made the MLB Playoffs

There are certainly more than four but these are the top!
Milwaukee Brewers v Miami Marlins
Milwaukee Brewers v Miami Marlins / Megan Briggs/GettyImages
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Reason #2  deadline deals

The Miami Marlins had a scrappy rag tag crew all season long and it included several newcomers.  As we previously noted, there was a lot of next man up that the Marlins dealt with this season and did so pretty well.  Their roster had a few duds on it and Marlins fans can rattle off their names with ease as they brought nothing to the team this season.  

Kim Ng’s free agent signings of both of these players was a huge misstep, but the Marlins GM admitted the mistake and fixed the problem.  Both Jean Segura and Avisail Garcia were just about useless this season, and Garcia didn’t even really see the field that much.  Kim Ng signed these two at different times to bring some big offense in to Miami and they brought no offense this year.   Thankfully Kim Ng was wheeling and dealing at the deadline and brought so much production to the Marlins.  

Would the Marlins be in the playoffs without Josh Bell and Jake Burger?   I don’t think so and many fans agree.  The Bell and Burger trades were the perfect adds for a team trying to compete and win.  Josh Bell hit 11 home runs, drove in 26, and batted .270 with the Marlins and Jake Burger hit 9 home runs, drove in 28, and hit .303 with the Marlins.  Both were huge wins for the Marlins and for the heart of the lineup, which had no real power hitter.  Now that the Marlins have their power their threat to their opponents is real.  

Segura was replaced with huge production in Burger and Garcia’s lineup spot was filled with Bell’s power.  Now the Marlins did trade away their starting first baseman Garrett Cooper but his production was variable and Bell has been consistent.  The Marlins also acquired David Robertson from the Mets which has been up and down but over the past week he has been lights out.  I would add him to the list of wins at the deadline even if he is not the closer.