4 Reasons the Miami Marlins made the MLB Playoffs

There are certainly more than four but these are the top!
Milwaukee Brewers v Miami Marlins
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Reason #1  Skip Schumaker

The biggest impact has come from the head of the team Skip Schumaker.  In the end the buck stops with him and he has been a workhorse all season.  Players have noted how well Skip and his team work and prepare them for games, which was echoed recently by a player postgame Saturday.  

Skip is a first time manager and has been forced time and again to make many different decisions with regards to players.  Skip has played with lineups, moved around players, and changed pitching order out of the pen.  All of the different moves seem to have panned out, especially with the tough pitching schedule.  

The biggest credit has to come from Skip’s use of the bullpen.  He has gone from AJ Puk to David Robertson to Tanner Scott at closer.  Scott has the numbers and has been on a mission since taking the role on and that provides Skip with flexibility for Robertson.  Robertson, Nardi, and Scott can make a powerful final three innings team and that could pay dividends going forward into the playoffs.   

One final note on Skip, the players love him and it is every evident.  He seems to have captured the hearts and spirit of all his players and they will go out on a ledge for him.   The team bond Skip has formed with all the players shows how big of a value he is and what he brings to the team that none other can bring.  

Thank you Skip!

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