4 trades I would make if I were Miami Marlins GM Kim Ng

The Marlins could use a boost in all 3 sections of the roster to compete in the postseason
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Power hitters

If I could be the Miami Marlins GM for a week, I would continue down the trail they are on for Jeimer Candelario, and I would try my best to bundle Jean Segura with the deal.   That might be easier said than done but the Washington Nationals will need a starting corner infielder and Segura can fill that role.  

Segura has played better over the past month and in particular over the last 30 games he has hit 2 home runs, driven in 11, and has a .255 average.  This certainly doesn’t make up for his lackluster season totals of 2 home runs, 19 RBI, and .220 batting average.  The Nationals could see his progress and vote for a future of continued progress over his 2023 start.  

Candelario is the perfect fit for the Marlins as Neil wrote about prior and might cost them a few prospects since he is the primer third baseman in the market for the trade deadline and they will have to beat out multiple teams.  It is worth it.  Candelario has been hitting in the middle of the order for the Nationals and has 28 doubles, 16 home runs, 50 RBI, and is slashing .257/.335/.486 with an .821 OPS.  Candelario really transforms the lineup as a switch hitter and he has exploded over the past 30 days with 8 home runs and 20 RBI while hitting .286.

If the price is right on Candelario I would look into adding one more power hitting bat to the lineup and teammate Lane Thomas would be my first option.  Could the Marlins pull off a mega deal for both players?  Here is where Jake Eder could be dealt if a mega deal was put together for the two players.  I would work on that deal as the best possible deal for the team and I would give up a few prospects for Thomas as well.  Thomas would be under control for longer than a season and if Jorge Soler leaves, it’s not as big of a hit to the roster. Thomas is hitting .293 with 16 home runs, 54 RBI, 26 doubles, and 12 stolen bases.  I really love the idea of the Marlins lineup going as follows:

Arraez, Soler, Chisholm, Candelario, Thomas.  That’s a tough top 5 and if Cooper is not dealt, the top 6 is pretty solid.  Rockies CJ Cron or Pirates Carlos Santana would also be interesting adds to the lineup in place of Thomas if the Marlins can’t muster a deal for him.