5 Biggest off-season losers and how they affect the Miami Marlins

Five teams that had the worst off-seasons will surprise you
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It's weird to see Boston finish last in the AL East and then do nothing to improve the team. It's inexcusable that a big market team would do nothing, when their archrivals the New York Yankees had a pretty good off-season. Why didn't they sign Jordan Montgomery for example? Their rotation is pretty bad and they could've used an upgrade, when they're enough below the luxury tax to make a splash.

The big rotation fix that Boston did is moving on from bad contract Chris Sale, only to add Lucas Giolito as his replacement. I don't blame Boston for Giolito then getting a season-ending injury, but the fact that they signed a pitcher with a 4.89 ERA over the last two seasons is ridiculous.

To be fair to Boston, they did lock up SP Brayan Bello long-term, but how does that improve the team now? They're nowhere near the top of the division, looking like a last-place team once again. They're also not rebuilding, so the question is what is the team's direction? They don't seem to have any and that is frustrating for the fans and not fair to the players. Maybe they need new owners.