5 Biggest off-season losers and how they affect the Miami Marlins

Five teams that had the worst off-seasons will surprise you
Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
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There is something worse than not taking a direction. There's also wasting your supposed window of opportunity and actually making the team worse. The Toronto Blue Jays seemingly had a core ready for a run of contention. Homegrown 1B Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and SS Bo Bichette, and acquisitions SP Kevin Gausman and RF George Springer.

A team needs help around the core and Toronto is clearly failing at it. They lost 3B Matt Chapman to free agency and did nothing effective to replace him. They signed Justin Turner to replace Brandon Belt at DH. Turner is unlikely to put up another big year at his age. Belt is still unsigned at this point.

Considering the competition in the AL East, it seems odd that Toronto didn't do more to improve the team. How about doing something about the bullpen or the back of the rotation? Why not doing something to add another big bat? It seems that they're just banking on Bo and Vlad to live up to their potential. It seems like a pretty big gamble to take, when adding a big bat in case that doesn't happen would have made more sense.

I would hope that the Miami Marlins wouldn't do nothing if in the same position.