A major catching upgrade may be available to the Miami Marlins by trade

The Fish could use an upgrade at catcher and it may be available in a trade with the St. Louis Cardinals
Ivan Herrera
Ivan Herrera / Joe Puetz/GettyImages

It's not a secret that the Miami Marlins have issues at the catching position. Neither Christian Bethancourt or Nick Fortes looks particularly good at this point. The Fish have not acquired any obvious options, but you'd think that the team will have to at some point soon. I mean how long can this struggling tandem continue on the team? It's time to make a change. Enter Ivan Herrera of the St. Louis Cardinals.

The Miami Marlins should target Ivan Herrera for a trade to upgrade at the catcher position.

The Fish could use an upgrade at catcher. It's something that's been a big topic on Marlins X for months now and it just makes perfect sense. There's no way that having Nick Fortes and Christian Bethancourt long-term is going to work out. Neither player looks like a long-term solution and neither looks like they'll ever really going to take a step forward. It's important for The Fish to bring in a good young cost-controlled catcher to the team.

I'm very high on Ivan Herrera of the St. Louis Cardinals for that role. Herrera has been red hot to start the season and is a free agent only after the 2029 season. Herrera batted .297/.451/.500 in the Minor Leagues last season and has generally been very good down on the farm. It's important to point out that he actually batted .297/.409/.351 in his brief call-up last season. He did that in 13 games and 37 AB, with no home runs and 4 RBI.

You might wonder why St. Louis would even want to trade Ivan Herrera? Isn't he a great option for them too? Well... they could still use starting pitching and more importantly they already have a starting catcher in Willson Contreras. They invested quite a bit of money in him, and it just doesn't look like they will trade him anytime soon. This means that Herrera becomes an expendable piece for them, who they can trade for upgrades elsewhere on the roster.

The Miami Marlins need an upgrade at catcher and Ivan Herrera is a great option if he's available.

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