A rival manager just mocked the Miami Marlins!

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The Miami Marlins have an interesting history. The team won more World Series than 90% of teams in the last 30 years (since the team was began play in 1993). Among division rivals, The Fish are ahead of the Washington Nationals all-time (2 championships to 1); New York Mets in the last 30 years (tied at 2 all-time and winning 2-0 in the last 30 years); and the Philadelphia Phillies in the last 30 years (2 to 1 and tied all-time at 2). Owners need to be forced to spend however and that's why a recent mocking happened...

New York Mets manager Buck Showalter mocked the Miami Marlins.

Miami is a big market, but a list of cheap owners hurt the franchise immeasurably. Owners such as Jeffrey Loria and the current owner Bruce Sherman allowed the team to get outspent by worse markets. This combined with repeated sell-offs and trades of star players gave the team a bad reputation and affected ticket sales as well as fan interest in the team in general. The Miami Marlins are still trying to overcome that bad reputation by building a competitive roster.

The New York Mets on the other hand have one of the best owners in the game in Steve Cohen. Cohen is doing what every fanbase wants their team's owner to do... spend with seemingly no limits. Bruce Sherman isn't doing that with the Miami Marlins and there's concern that he's never going to spend much at all. Time will tell how much Sherman will actually spend, but this did create a feeling of superiority that the New York Mets seem to have over the Miami Marlins.

It was exhibited recently by New York Mets manager Buck Showalter, who responded to a reporter's question about playing less division games in 2023 with this:

“You get to see the Marlins as much as you want to see them in New York.”

The implication is that their fans don't want to see games between the two teams, as the Miami Marlins "aren't interesting enough to watch", and that less games between the two teams is "preferable". Let's hope that The Fish make Buck Showalter regret that insult by winning the first series of the season between the two teams right here in Miami!

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