All Star Game Voting Dates - Get your Miami Marlins on the field!

Miami Marlins v Seattle Mariners
Miami Marlins v Seattle Mariners / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

The first list of high vote getters for the 2023 Major League Baseball All Star Game have been released and there is but one Miami Marlins player on the top. The lone Marlins player on the list is Luis Arraez who is leading the vote for National League second basemen and deservedly so as he is leading the league in batting average. If the vote ended today Arraez would be the lone Marlin and would start the All Star game.

The MLB All Star game phase I voting ends one week from today, at noon on June 22. This first phase will end and the top vote getters will be pulled into phase II voting to get to the starters for the game. As a fan you can vote up to five times in a 24 hour period for your Marlins All Stars, so get to voting fans. It's not one and done, vote for your players every break you have at work to ensure they are on the phase II ballot. The top two players at every position will go on the phase II ballot and the top four outfielders, which will open on June 26th.

The Marlins players need your help to get to the phase II voting, especially those who are currently being snubbed by the vote. Jorge Soler is not anywhere close to being top two in the DH category as he is more than 200,000 votes behind the second place vote getter Bryce Harper. Soler sits at 170,483 while the leader at DH J. D. Martinez has 412,373 and Harper sits at 380,345. Soler needs to be there and he needs your help.

Bryan De La Cruz did not make the top 10 outfielders, as his vote total is less than the 10th place person who has 97,000 votes. It might be impossible for him to make it but if Marlins fans get on the votes and vote often he could have a shot. Either way, Soler needs to be on the field as he is ranked second in the National League in home runs. The next big question is, should Eury Perez make it? We will see what managers select for pitching but it would be interesting. As for now vote Arraez, Soler, DLC! Get out and vote!

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